Dr. Larry Leitner

Larry M. Leitner is a professor of psychology at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio. He is a past president of the American Psychological Association's Division of Humanistic Psychology and former editor of The Humanistic Psychologist. He has authored over 80 articles and chapters on experiential constructivist understandings of psychopathology and psychotherapy. He also has authored or edited four volumes: Personal Constructivism: Concepts and Applications (with Jill Thomas, Pace University Press, 2009); Assessing Experience in Psychotherapy (with A. J. Faidley, Praeger, 1993); Critical Issues in Personal Construct Psychotherapy (with G. Dunnett, Krieger, 1993); and Personal Construct Psychology: Psychotherapy and Personality (with A. W. Landfield, Wiley, 1980). In 2009, he received the Rollo May Award for Outstanding and Independent Pursuit of New Frontiers in Humanistic Psychology at the American Psychological Association Convention.

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