reviewer image Dr. Tanya LeBlanc

Dr. LeBlanc (formerly Sharpe) is an anthropologist (BA, MS) and sociologist (PhD). Her research interests include HIV/AIDS epidemiology, social epidemiology and social inequality, substance use during pregnancy, disparities in health among women and minorities, and policies to achieve health equity. Current projects include exploring the social determinants of population health outcomes to inform public health policy development. Going further, Dr. LeBlanc supports stronger links between the public education system and public health systems to improve health and well-being for people everywhere.

Dr. LeBlanc has numerous public health and other publications. Her book Behind the Eight Ball: Sex for Crack Cocaine and Poor Black Women (The Haworth Press, October 2005) is a highly regarded public health monograph presenting an account of crack cocaine-addicted inner city poor women's lives. The book places crack addiction, crack-related prostitution among poor Black women, and disparities in STDs, HIV, and unplanned pregnancies, into the context of larger social issues. Dr. LeBlanc coordinated the development of and edited a special issue of the peer-reviewed journal Women and Health titled "Black Women and HIV/AIDS: Epidemiology, Risk Behaviors, and Prevention," published December 2007. Regarding any and all of Dr. LeBlanc's reviews published in PsycCRITIQUES, the views expressed in these reviews do not represent the views of others.

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